Andrea von Braun Stiftung
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Profile of the Andrea von Braun Stiftung (Foundation)

Established and licensed in 2001

Aims of the foundation:

The support of interdisciplinary cooperation and mutual stimulation among different fields of knowledge. Included are not only academic disciplines, but also the arts and crafts, cultural and social practices as well as traditional knowledge and skills. We want our grant recipients to overcome boundaries of knowledge and specialization, in particular among areas far removed from one another.

Every year we define an Area of Emphasis that shall constitute a significant element of all projects we support during that year. At present the Area of Emphasis is the Economics of Sustainability. Very important for us is the implementability and practical implementation of all projects. This should become evident in your application documents. We want to help where there are needs.

To clarify: We expect interdisciplinary projects in which the Area of Emphasis plays a significant role. Projects that do not touch upon the AoE will only be considered in rare cases, for example if they constitute important contributions to the general theory, practice and management of interdisciplinary work.

Our aims are to combine different ways of thinking and of work methods with the goal of developing new approaches, techniques and turns of mind that will range outside traditional fields and hierarchies or conventional thinking, thus opening access to new and often unexpected results and understanding. The focus is on the identification and realization of interdisciplinary potentials, not the support of specific disciplines, fields or institutions.

We expect our activities to lead to the establishment and support of a dialogue forum, support for projects in science and research, advanced scholarships, the granting of an award for interdisciplinary excellence as well as the public dissemination of the obtained results, understanding, knowledge and experience in interdisciplinary work.

The foundation is open to applicants from all fields of knowledge.