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Important Information for our Applicants

For technical and personnel reasons the Andrea von Braun Foundation wishes to announce to all interested parties that for the time being no further applications for support will be accepted. We would like to re-organize our workflow and for that we need some time.


Further details:

  • Ongoing projects will continue unchanged and as planned.
  • As promised all applications that werde submitted before our last deadline in March 2022 but have not been processed yet will undergo our normal decision process in the near future. Applicants will be duly informed regarding the outcome.
  • Applications submitted after the last deadline in March 2022 unfortunately can not be processed . Applicants will be informed individually in due course.

We ask for your kind understanding for these measures. As soon as we can we will publish further information on this website about the future work of the Foundation.


My project does not fulfill the Area of Emphasis precisely. Can I still submit an application?

We focus on interdisciplinary projects in which the AoE does play a significant role. Projects that do not touch upon the AoE can only be supported in exceptional cases, for example if they constitute significant contributions to the theory, methodology, practice and management of interdisciplinary work. Further details can be found here


How can I apply?

Exclusively by email. Please do not send hard copy or other physical items such as CD-Roms, books, catalogues etc.

Who can apply?

Any natural person or groups of natural persons can apply. We do not accept applications from institutions such as university departments, research institutes, corporations, other foundations or associations.

Can I apply for a scholarship for a degree program?

We do not support participation in a degree programs (e.g. Bachelors or Masters). By definition that would not be interdisciplinary. We only accept project-based applications.

Do you grant support for printing costs only?

Only in very rare cases. We prefer to accompany projects from the outset to their completion. Translation costs are also not funded.

What application deadlines are there?

Every year there are two rounds of applications. A first-round review occurs through the Foundation's management. In a second round the Board of Trustees decides on the remaining applications.This usually occurs in May/June and in November/December. Application deadlines are about ten weeks before the meeting of the Board. Exact deadline dates are announced well in advance on this website. Please note: If there are more applications than the Foundation can handle we reserve the right to move the deadline forward with no advance notice. Therefore please complete your application well before the deadline. All applications are processed in their order of arrival.

Are there any application forms to fill?


Can I send appendices to my application by conventional mail?

We can only consider materials sent by email. Exception: For reasons of confidentiality we do accept Letters of Reference by conventional mail, although we would also prefer your referee to send it to us directly by email.

What documents should be included in an applications?

A project description in an exposé of max. 10 pages, a 10-line abstract, a description of the interdisciplinarity of the project and its relation to the current Area of Emphasis, the proposed budget, schedules, references, your CV. To keep it within limits please strive to keep it all under 5MB.

Should the exposée quote the sources used?


Should I specify my travel and/or material costs?


Can every application include a budget for travel and materials?

Only to the extent that these costs are relevant for the underlying project.

Are advisory opinions or references required?

Yes, preferably two.

Can references from professors or university teachers be handed in later?

All documents should reach us at before the deadline. In well-founded cases we we can make short-term exceptions for references.

Do I have to submit my application in German?

No it can also be submitted in English.

How much do you pay for scholarships or projects?

As a prinicple we do not make any advance statements regarding our funding volume. All projects have different requirements.

Is there an upper funding limit?

No, all budgets are checked for conclusiveness and relevance. If a budget is beyond our means or if we view it as excessive we either reduce it or cancel altogether.

Does support by the Foundation also cover overhead costs?


For what periods of time do you grant schloarships or project support?

In general there is no upper limit of project duration. We do, however, expect a reasonable time frame for project completion. We do not fund ongoing work, periodically repetitive projects or continuous institutional or personal costs.

Can I submit an application for a project that has already begun or is close to completion?

Retroactive support is not possible, support for projects close to completion only in exceptional cases.

When can support measures begin?

The earliest possible date is the first of the month following a positive decision by our Board of Trustees.

Can you support projects outside Germany?

Yes, as long as this does not conflict with any legal limitations.

Can I apply even if I am not a German national?


Is there an age limit for applicants?

No. We believe that people can be smart and creative at any age.

Can I apply for support of my doctoral work before having registered with the University or having been admitted to a doctoral program?

No. If you are applying for support of doctoral thesis you should be admitted to the program.

Does a doctoral scholarship depend on previous grades?

Obviously it plays a role, but it does not decide the outcome on its own. We look at many other factors too.

Can there be any exceptions if an application misses the deadline or is incomplete?

No. For reasons of fairness to all other applicants application documents need to be on time and complete. A late application can only be considered for the next round. This holds even if the applicant is not personally responsible for the delay.

How do decisions come about?

A first round selection is made by the foundation's management in the order of application arrival. Applicants are immediately informed if and when they have been excluded. Applications passing the first round are submitted to the Board of Trustees for the second and final round, Positive and negative results are transmitted within a few days after the Board's meeting. The Board convenes twice yearly in May/June and November/December.

How long do I have to wait for a decision?

There is no fixed processing duration. We look at applications in the order of arrival. Negative decisions are communicated shortly after they have been made. Positive decisions are made by the Board and are communicated within a few days.

Can I apply for support even if I have a job?

Yes, but we need to know about the details and will take it into consideration.

Can I have a part-time job while receiving a scholarship?

Yes, as long as the duration of the scholarship is not extended by this or its quality reduced. Please give us the details.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am receiving retirement payments or a pension?

No. Covering the cost of living through a scholarship and simultaneously a pension is not possible. If any, support by us would only allow for project-related material costs.

Do you grant support for start-ups or the establishment of companies?

We are a tax-exempt charity and can therefore only fund non-profit oriented activities. We do know, however, that many good ideas are better implemented by the private sector than by other players. Talk to us about it.

Is institutional support possible?

No. We only support individual persons or groups of persons, not legal entities.

Do I have to be a member of an institution, a school or a student at a university to apply for support?

No. We are very interested in what goes on both in the official academic world as well as outside it.

Do you allow for co-financing with other charities?

We are basically open for co-financing with other sponsors. We do, however, need to know who these are. we also need to be sure that the complete financing of a project is secured from the outset.

Do you allow oral explanation of applications or can I explain my plans to the Board personally?

Our decisions are always based on a documented application. We need to have this anyway. If we need further personal explanations we will contact you. This only happens very rarely.

Does the Foundation give reasons if an application has been declined?

We always try to explain why a project has been refused.

Can I apply a second time if my application has been refused?

A repeat submission is not possible unless the project in question has undergone major changes so that it can be considered as new or if we expressly ask you to do so.

Are there any fixed proportions of recipients (e.g. gender, ethnicity, age, language)?


Can I apply for the financing of my own position?

No. Our Board has decided that the Foundation does not place funds at the disposal of institutions to finance positions.

What data protection and privacy protection rules does the Foundation follow?

The Andrea von Braun Foundations follows the relevant privacy and data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The transferral of, or use of, an applicant's data occurs only with express approval of the applicant. We only ask for this in specific cases.

Can an applicant submit more than one proposal at the same time?

Yes, as long as our Conditions of Support are met.

Can I apply for an extension if my project is not completed within the agreed time frame?

Basically no. Under well-justified exceptional circumstances an extension can be proposed in a separate application.

What do I need to observe after the completion of my project?

Within eight weeks we expect a to be informed of project completion, a financial report on the allocation of resources including all receipts and other documentation, a learning paper and in the case of a publication a total of seven specimen copies. These requirements are specified in our Conditions of Support that we send to all successful applicants.