Name der Stiftung

  • The Foundation was named after Andrea Freifrau von Braun, née Henkel at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her untimely death.

Life summary

  • born Dec. 14, 1944 in Heidelberg, deceased June 16, 1976 in Munich, Germany
  • raised in Heidelberg, Wachenheim and Düsseldorf
  • 1969 married to Dr. Christoph-Friedrich Freiherr von Braun
  • Three children: Kaspar (1971), Daniel (1973), Johanna (1976)
  • Study of German literature and art history in Berlin, Freiburg and Bonn
  • M.A. 1971
  • Trained as photographer at the New England School of Photography, Boston, Ma, USA
  • Active interest in the music of the baroque and romantic periods, impressionist art, modern German literature and in the literary treatment of science and technology