Excerpt from the Bye-Laws of the Andrea von Braun Foundation (non-official translation)

Art. 2 Purposes

" (1) The foundation works exclusively and directly for purposes of public benefit. 

(2) The aim of the foundation is the support

  • of science and research
  • of the arts and culture
  • The purpose of the foundation is also the collection of financial means for the purposes indicated above from other non-profit organizations, including including organizations based outside Germany, or through public offices.

(3) The purposes of the Foundation shall in particular be implemented through the following measures:

a) Creation and maintenance of a forum for dialogue among the disciplines in the sciences and humanities, arts, culture and crafts with the intention of creating mutual understanding and combination of traditonal and existing ways of thinking, acting and working so as to develop new methods, techniques and approaches. This exchange between the various disciplines, cultures, areas and fields of knowledge is to serve the public interest;

b) Support of research projects which will help in the gathering and dissemination of such methods, techniques and approaches;

c) Support of such applied research projects for the development and implementation of new interdisciplinary methods which stimulate the exchange and mutualy reinforcement of the humanities, the natural sciences, the engineering and social sciences, arts, crafts and other abilities and traditional sources of knowledge;

d) Granting of scholarships and stipends to such applicants who are, or wish to become, active in the efforts described above by developing methods and problem solutions which lie outside their respective areas of expertise, traditional hierarchies or conventional methods;

e) Granting of a prize for merits and work in the area of inter-, intra-, trans- or multidisciplinary thinking to persons or groups of persons who engage or plan to engage in special efforts to work outside the traditional disciplinary boundaries or conventional hierarchies of knowledge;

f) Public dissemination of the knowledge generated in this manner through lectures, exhibitions and other publication media, e.g. the internet.

(4) To the extent permissible by German law the Foundation may also support such projects outside Germany which are in accordance with the requirements under (2) and (3).

(5) The Foundation does not seek profit.

(6) The financial means of the Foundation may only be applied to the purposes named in its by-laws. The founders or their heirs do not receive any remuneration, means or other financial support from the Foundation.

(7) The Foundation may also partially (not predominantly) place means at the disposal of other, also non-taxable, non-profit organizations or public offices for the purposes indicated in Art. 2 (2).