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Applications for support

  • Applications for support do not follow any formal requirements. There are no forms to fill. They can be in German or English and are processed in the order of their arrival in our in-box.
  • To protect against spam we can not send confirmations of receipt.
  • The fulfillment of our foundation's goals are our most important decision criterion. These goals a are twofold:
    • The support of interdisciplinary ccoperation and the mutual fertilization of different areas of knowledge and expertise. This includes not only academic fields, but also the arts and crafts, culture and traditonal or bequeathed knowledge and skills.
    • Every year we announce a specific Area of Emphasis that is based on current events and developments. The AoE needs to be Area integral part of every project that we support for the duration of the AoE’s validity. At present the AoE is Economics of Sustainability.

This year's Area of Emphasis "Economics of Sustainability" (valid through September 2020) should be viewed in a very broad sense and in a context encompassing other areas of knowledge. Apart from the technological, political, social, ethical and cultural aspects of sustainability, economic dimensions are of greatest importance. The underlying issues are not just about economic theory, financial management, consumer behaviour etc., but about fundamental or just marginal changes in the economic universe and how these might contribute to new thinking, adaptations or the enhancement  of economic processes at all levels of sustainability. What new kinds of rules of conduct or  control tools, in what ever context, could be developed or adapted from existing ones to serve this purpose? Such considerations go far beyond the strict economic sphere. Applications for support are therefore not confined to economists. Ideas and points of views can founded in any field of knowledge, but do need to be interdisciplinary in nature. Of particular importance for us are the practical aspects and the implementation of results.

All projects should serve both goals. They should be interdisciplinary in character and the Area of Emphasis should be of central importance for them. Projects that do not touch upon the AoE can only be supported in exceptional cases, for example if they constitute significant contributions to the theory, methodology, practice and management of interdisciplinary work.

Of great importance for us is the practical implementation of projects. This should already be clarified in all support applications.

  • Every year there are two rounds of applications during which our Board of Trustees will decide  all pending applications.These usually occur in May/June and in November/December. The deadline for submission is about 10 weeks before this date. The deadline for the next round will be announced here in late June 2020.
  • Please send your applicaton to:
  • For further details please check here.

Please note that your personal data included in your application documents will stored by us so that we can process your request. They will not be transferred to any outside agencies or persons without your approval.